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Escrow Services

The San Diego Country Estates Association has partnered with, the industry's leading community association escrow, closing and document service company, to offer a streamlined process for the order and delivery of community association resale and lender documents.  Professionals requiring essential real estate data and documentation for association real estate transactions can obtain this information with

Signing Up

In most cases, your escrow company may already have a login to the website. If you wish to set up a new account, simply visit the website to get started. Sign up is quick and easy and you can begin using the system immediately.  Resale disclosures, estoppels, demans, lender questionaires and assocation governing documents are all available with  Their professional staff is available for any questions you may have by dialig 1-866-925-5004.


The San Diego Country Estates Association provides escrow services for those homeowners going through a sale or refinance.  All services provided, unless otherwise noted, require an upfront fee.

Document Package

The San Diego Country Estates Association (SDCEA) provides a demand, typically toward the end of an escrow transaction, which reflects all debts and violations on a specific property.  Demands are now provided through  However, in order to proces a demand request, the San Diego Country Estates Association must receive written authorization from the seller/current owner.
Until authorization is received, the demand will not be processed, including those for bank owned properties.  Demands will be processed within ten days of receiving a complete request. However, by paying the applicable rush fee, the demand will be ready by the end of the next business day.  NOTE: All demands are done first come, first served, except in the case of a rush.  Demands will not be taken via fax.

Questions & Answers

How does a property open escrow with San Diego Country Estates Association?
Your Escrow Company will log onto and place an Escrow Order.  The Escrow Order will include an order for the Demand Letter.

What is a demand letter?
A demand letter is an invoice providing a written verification of any outstanding balances owed on a property at a given point in time.

What is a notice of violation?
Upon opening the escrow, the SDCEA Community Relations department will perform an inspection of the property.  This inspection is conducted to inform the buyer of the potential violations on the property. (Please note - structural issues with the home need to be addressed with the County of San Diego).

Why do demand letters expire?
Billing continues on a monthly basis even during escrow.  Expiration dates ensure tha tonly an accurate balance is used when closing escrow.

What is required in order for the buyer to access the community?
SDCEA must have a copy of the new grant deed showing that ownership of the property has changed.  Additionally, the grant deed myst either be a copy of the recorded deed, or it must be certified by escro and indicate the closing date.  The new grant deed should be provided to the SDCEA Member-Guest Services desk in order to receive ID cards and access to the community.

What is a transfer fee?
The transfer fee is listed on the Demand letter (defined above).  This fee covers updating the accounts, arranging for cards and decals, and anything else the buyer needs to get aquainted wiht the community.

If I have further questions, who do I contact?
Contact either by chat online or by calling toll free at 866-925-5004. For inspection related or permit questions, contact SDCEA Community Relations at 760-789-3788 x5600,